Roaches: The german cockroach is the most encountered species in the roach family. The females egg capsule carries up  to 50 eggs, which accounts for this pests rapid population. Our cockroach control service involves multiple pest control tools to eradicate this  pest.

 Flies: The key to control for the common house fly and fruit fly is sanitation. Elimination of their food source stops their larval stage, to control the population. The cluster fly is  different,  in that it doesn't need a food source inside your home. The cluster fly is a parasite of the earthworm, and overwinters in shelters during the winter months. It is important to have the proper pest control treatment applied  at the right time of year to control these pests.

​​​​Bee's: Bee's, hornets, and wasps a combination that will  ruin anyone's summer. Bee nests from the ground all the way to the peaks of your house are guaranteed with our season bee service. Our service will help prevent carpenter bees from chewing on the wood outside your house, and to prevent  yellow jackets from ruining your drywall inside your house. We will service your house in the spring and remove nests. Don't wait for this treatment before it's to late.

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are making a strong comeback, after being missed for so many years. First sign of bed bugs usually occur with you noticing bed bug bites, large red bumps on your body after waking up in the morning. B​​ed bug infestations are easily missed by the untrained eye. Female bed bugs lay 1-5 eggs per day, quickly enlarging the population. Our service treatment consists of a initial treatment, then follow ups to ensure you are bed bug free.

​​Rodents: Rats, and mice the key to control is sanitation. The house mouse is the most encountered rodent. First sign of rodents is usually droppings, mice defecate wherever they travel. Mice can reproduce after 35 days of being born, the average litter is 6 babies. Rats reach maturity in 2-5 months, unlike mice that are inquisitive, rats are the opposite they shy away from anything new. Our pest control service involves not only controlling the rodents but also sealing up any entrance points.

​​​​​ Ants: Little ants, big ants we service them all. Everything from the pesty little odorous house ant whose colonies consist of several hundred ants to 100,000 ants. To the larger carpenter ants that builds their nests in wood galleries in your house, usually causing structural damage. No matter what ant you have, we proceed with a thorough inspection, to identify the ant and the source. Then we apply the proper ant control

service to eliminate the problem and prevent further infestations. 


Some of our pest removal Services Include:

Spiders:  There are many different species of spiders, from the daddy long legs to the  venomous brown recluse ​ spider, recognizable by the violin shaped mark on it's back. We offer season long spider control treatments for your house, business or summer cottage.